Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Tap Because I Can

Ok, so its a secret..Shhhhhh..I am 28 years old and I LOVE tap dancing.Its a secret. I know its quirky and goofy and down right nerdy, but I just can't help myself!I really really love it and do it as often as I can get away with. I do go to my tap class on Mondays but I definitely find myself tapping throughout the whole rest of the week LOL. I tap my feet under my desk at work, I tap in my house in the kitchen..heck I will even find myself tapping a little bit in the hallways of the nursing home where I work. Don't get my wrong..I'm not actually wearing tap shoes.. but sometimes I do start to visualize a step I may have just learned..or maybe I just really like the way it sounds and I might break it out at any given moment. LOL Truth be known..I'm generally very discreet about it and if you weren't paying attention or didn't really know me..you'd have no idea what I was doing with my feet. Sometimes when I'm just standing still..like in line at the grocery store, or maybe standing somewhere at work...I might be moving my feet ever so slightly counting some taps out in my head. HAHA Ok, the secrets out. I realize one day i WILL get caught and someone will say..ummmmmm Susan...what are you doing???????? At that time of course I will LIE. Until then, I'm gonna keep on tapping, Sister :0)  

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  1. Don't be fooled by this Blog. She really CAN dance. In fact at the recital. (HAHA) She was the best (and oldest) one there. I thought she was a freakin ROCKETTE!!!! Go SUSAN, GO SUSAN. Get your Tap on.