Saturday, January 31, 2009


 I like birds..not real birds, but simple drawings of birds. I'm talking about cartoonish pencil drawings, not anything that looks realistic. I really really love them. It all started a few years ago. I saw some drawings of some birds on the Weepies album and fell in love. Soon I was embroidering lil birdies on the pockets of my jeans, drawing lil birds on random things. I eventually got a tattoo of some birds on my hip that I absolutely love. I have a little rubber stamp of a very simple stick figure bird with a nest. Anything I send in the mail to someone, I stamp the little bird on the back like a trademark.I really dig it.
The very ironic thing about this is..I'm not very fond of REAL birds much at all. In fact I'm a little scared of them which makes my love of bird drawings kind of funny. Since my love of birdie things has begun, I have had 3 close encounters with REAL birds that have nearly put me over the edge! LOL A few summers ago I was casually standing in the driveway of someone I didnt know well at all, when all of the sudden I felt a SPLAT on my head. Oh absolutely was bird poop in my HAIR and there were seeds!!!!!!!! Suddenly I had absolutely disgust for myself. I think I screamed and ran around not knowing what to do! There were seeds in my hair WAHHHHHHHH! Dumbfounded I ran and cried and got in my car and hated that bird!
This past October Travis and I went on a cruise. We had the most fabulous balcony and had dreamed months prior to the cruise of lounging around our room with the balcony door open listening to the sound of the ocean. We thought about this almost every day leading up to this cruise. So when we were actually there, we did just that. It was after dinner one night, we were just resting before heading out for drinks and fun. We had our balcony door opened...enjoying the breeze! Robbin came across the balcony to visit, tripped over the ledge of the door and yelled...WHAT WAS THAT! Keep in mind I saw NOTHING but screamed hysterically and threw the comforter over my head! Travis was so shocked, he waddled around in the bed, seemingly unable to was a freakin' bird! A bird had flown in my cabin from in the middle of the ocean!!! How did this happen?????? Out of all the cabins, why did this bird pick MINE and where did it come from???? We were literally in the middle of the ocean!!!! here I am loving lil birdie drawings and terrified of a lil tiny bird who had mistakenly flown into my cabin. So afraid that I apparently had to hide!!!!! LMAO.
Most recently Travis and I were coming  back to my car from inside the Walmart and as we approached my beloved Wendy I noticed a HUGE seagull perched on top...and oh yeah, this bird was not moving. Let me just say, those things are WAY bigger up close than you would think....unless this one was just a monster bird! I was too afraid to get close enough to the car to get in. Travis takes his hat off of his head and swats at the bird! OMG i ran around like a nut screaming and put my jacket up over my head! Travis still laughs at how I ran away and screamed ..ITS GOING TO GET US!!!!!!
So apparently in real life....i am afraid of birds....but love drawings of :0) And thats just how I roll.

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  1. HAHA the bird on teh boat incident. Hysterical. You left out the part where I screamed for Gary who thoght Ihad busted in on y'all.....ummmm in a comprimising position and had to rush over with a towel. corner the bird and set it free. HAHAHA the birds in the drive way, with seeds. hysterical. Me and David got to laughing about that not too long ago. Good stuff.