Saturday, January 24, 2009

Craft Day

Well Ladies and was officially "CRAFT DAY." My friend Robbin and I are very nerdish type crafters...we often joke that our crafts look a tad bit on the the level of what a child would make. We laugh and have fun just the same. Some of the crafts we do are making homemade cards, making ginerbread houses, anything that looks interesting and not too difficult we will try. Today was card making day. We both enjoy picking up random odds and ends at the craft store and then pooling them together and sharing our goods. Usually craft time is a silly time of drinking wine, gossiping, laughing and of course...crafting:0) We both decided today we really needed to sit down and really work on some cards so that we would have a stash of them for any occassion that might come up.
Probably the most embarressing crafting experience we had was when we decided to make my mom a card as a thank for you sewing us special dresses to wear on a cruise. The card was handmade using scraps of fabric from the dresses. It WAS cute, but cute like your CHILD made it..not two grown adults LOL. Well of course mom loved it, BUT the embarressing thing was that she pulled it out and showed to to a whole group of adults at our bookclub. It was mortifying! This craft thing is kinda like a guilty pleasure since (speaking of myself only) the crafts are NOT proffessional in any kind of way. They are silly and goofy and done just for fun!!!!!
The crafting alllll began a few years ago when a mutual friend of ours was getting married. One silly Friday night after some wine I'm quite sure, we thought it would be funny to craft her a hilarious and hideously tacky wedding invitation and send it to her, making her believe it was an actual prototype of a real card. We wanted her to think that we would be helping her out in a very special way by designing handmade wedding invitations for her to send out to her guests. Well, this thing was hideous. It had neon green ribbon on it, random nautical themed stamps on it and a pirate haiku on the inside. It was terrible and the edges were accidently burned from the embossing gun...wellll that just added to the intentional tackiness! It was all fun and games and the poor recipient of this fine craft loved it too! And so the crafting began.....:0)


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time on here. Sounds like you had a great craft day. Loads of fun - which is the way it should be. Enjoy your day!!

  2. Love Craft Day. Love Susan, my partner in Crime. Love my I LOVE LUCY CARD!!!!