Friday, February 13, 2009

Am I Overly Cautious or Just One Big Nerd?

Ok, so I know I am probably MORE cautious/scared of weird little things than the average 28 year old. Since it was brought to my attention today (you know who you are LOL)  I have been thinking of what these little things are. Am I crazy or are they justified....

1.I am scared of airplanes, yes I will fly if I have to, but I do NOT enjoy it and I ALWAYS think I'm going to die

2.I am claustrophobic. I get nervous in elevators, freak out if I'm confined in any way and can't move and have been saying for years that I NEVER will allow anyone to put me in one of those MRI machines...PERIOD

3.I get scared at nite at home alone sometimes, I always think someone is trying to get me

4.I have a minor panic attack when I know for whatever reason I am going to be forced to step on a scale

5.I'm terrified of getting pregnant

6.I will not go in  a store alone at reasons ARE justified in this one

7.I always have a fear of getting lost and never finding my way again...

8.The few times I have had a pedicure, I worried a lot of getting a weird foot fungus.

9.Doctors scare me, but I'm working through this one

10.Driving at nite scares me. The lights from other cars are very disorienting to me and  I feel like I will run off the road


That's all I can think of at the moment..will add more later.