Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Weekend:A Small Break From Work

So this year we were lucky and New Year's Eve/ Day fell right before a weekend, so it made a nice three day weekend for all to enjoy! No big plans here at Casa de Lawhorne. New Year's Eve was very cold and rainy and just seemed a good nite to veg and stay under a warm blanket. I layed in my bed and watched a delightful four hours of My So Called Life on dvd. I really do love this show even though I realize at this point in my life it probably is a bit juvenile. One thing about me though...I dont waiver much in what I like...chances are..if i loved it when I was like 14...I still love it now.
On New Year's day I literally did absolutely nothing. I laid around, watched tv and read my bookclub book, The Help..which I love. We were supposed to have perspective buyers come look at our house that morning, so Travis and I felt like we had to get up early and clean the house from top to bottom.....well they didnt come. So we were both officially tired and basically laid around the rest of the day.
Saturday, I had to take my babies to vet for rabies shots and Delilah needed her T4 blood draw. The pups got soooo excited when we got those leashes was very very funny. They were both very nice at the vet. I love them :0) We ran some more errands...and then made a bad mistake. We went to Walmart...started grocery shopping and then was the 2nd of the month!! OMG it was crazy in there. I know I waited at that deli for like 25 minutes for some freakin ham! Meanwhile, the lady in front of me is taste testing all the meats!!! Who does that??? Needless to say I was very very tired. That nite we went out to PF CHang's with the Woods. We had so much fun and laughed and laughed and laughed. After a biig dinner we went over to Gordon Biersch to enjoy some free cocktails on a $90 credit that Kelly had! We had so much fun! Im really gonna miss those two.
Today, I felt quite domestic. Did laundry, stripped the bed, cleaned up, and decided to cook a huge pot of Brunswick Stew. I have never done this before, but it turned out quite well. It was so tastey on such a cold nite. Before enjoying the stew, Travis and I went to Kohl's and got some deals. Travis has been telling me to get some skinny jeans for a while, especially since I got new boots for Christmas. I have said noooooooooo so many times...because I just can't imagine squeezing my body in something called "skinny" Well it pretty much went just as I thought. I tried on so many pairs only to realize...these jeans are just hard to fit my body considering the "skinny" part of them are the legs, and my legs are without a doubt, the fattest part of my body...hooo hum.
So tonight, I'm just hanging out, watching some medical show on TLC, watching my babies sleep, reading my book and thinking about finishing one of my lamp projects. One of the big things I wanted to start doing this weekend was packing....well I didnt...not at all. I honestly think I'm stalling because if i start boxing stuff up, my house is going to start looking different...empty. That's gonna be hard for me. I dont handle change well...not at all. Last night I told Travis I am afraid I'm gonna get in the new house and feel like I'm in a hotel and then get homesick. I can visualize myself getting up...standing in the middle of the house in my pjs and saying..."I wanna go home". Oh dear.........

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